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Boiler Installation and requirements

Boiler installation and Requirements

The prices for  boiler installation on this web site are shown for changing like to like. That is mean change one  combi boiler to another  combi boiler or System boiler to System boiler or Regular boiler to Regular boiler.

  1. The prices which are shown in your web site are for like to like boiler change
  2. Upgrading the system require visit of our engineer to provide quote.
  3. If the installation require extra parts like – Flue elbows, Flue bends, Boiler back frame, Plumb kit , valves etc. then this is subject of additional charges.
  4. The prices in our web site for boiler installation include standard length flue. If the flue needs to be extended then you will be charged extra for flue extension and labour cost.
  5. The prices for boiler installation prices also include: standard flue, central heating filter, limescale reducer, smart room thermostat, central heating chemicals , carbon monoxide alarm.
  6. If you change non-condensing boiler to new condensing boiler then you will be charged extra for new condensing pipe.
  7. If the flue needs to be extended then this is subject of extra charge for materials and labour cost.
  8. If the flue terminate below 300mm from openings, windows, air bricks etc. then the flue plumb kit require this is subject of extra charge for materials and labour cost.
  9. Gas pipe up to the boiler has to be 22mm. If the gas pipe is smaller than 22mm. we will provide you a quote for changing the gas pipe to right size.
  10. Before any installation to start we will need to come to the address and to do our check free of charge.
  11. Before any installation we require deposit of £600 to be paid by bank account. The deposit is non-returnable but will be reduced from the full quote.
  12. After completing the installation you will receive the invoice which must be paid in 7 days.
  13. If the invoice is not paid in 7 days then the case will be reported to the court and you will be charged 10% interest for each day of the claim, court tax will be included to the claim as well.
  14. What we give you in our prices:
    1. Replace Your Old Boiler
    2. Provide Building Regulation Certificate
    3. Gas Safe Certificate
    4. Carbon Monoxide Alarm
    5. Chemical Protection On Your Central Heating
    6. Commission and Register Your New Boiler
    7. Register Your New Boiler With 10 Years Warranty
    8. Dispose The Old Boiler
  15. Every one Quotes is subject of free pre-visit of the property to check suitability of boiler place, gas pipe, condensing pipe, gas pressure etc.